My Farewell

Writing this blog has been a blast but I have finals coming up.  After that, I have another couple semesters and my work load will only be getting more difficult.  With that in mind I think it is time for me say goodbye, but I don’t like saying goodbye.  My high school drama director used to say “here we don’t say goodbye to our graduating seniors, we say so long.  So long implies that they will be back whereas goodbye implies they are leaving forever.  These seniors will not leave forever, many of them will come back and visit and those who can’t will stay here in our hearts and in the spirit of this Drama Club.  So to my graduating seniors, So long.”  Now I say that to you all, so long, and I hope one day I will be able to reopen this blog and continue.  Good luck to you all!sound-of-music-goodbye

“If we shadows have offended, / Think but this, and all is mended, / That you have but slumber’d here / While these visions did appear. / And this weak and idle theme, / No more yielding but a dream, / Gentles, do not reprehend: / If you pardon we will mend. / Else the Puck a liar call. / Give me your hands, if we be friends, / And Robin shall restore amends.”  (A Midsummers Night’s Dream)

My Movie Choice of the Week:

The Dark Knight


How to Prepare for Finals 101

Finals are one of the worst times for college students.  They come up at the end of every semester and they are always stressful.  Really stressful! This is how get through finals.

finals1Now most people say, “oh, just study a little bit from the beginning and you’ll be fine.”  This is a great idea, if you can actually bring yourself to prepare for finals starting in the first week of the semester.  Honestly though, who actually does that.

Despite the the Joker’s belief in The Dark Knight: “Can’t rely on anyone these days, you have to do everything yourself, don’t we,” I recommend groups.  Form a group of friends in the class that you would like to study with.  Next, either with or without your study group study every day for the week leading up to the exam.  Split all the material into sections so you are not studying everything every day, just parts of the whole that form a larger picture.  Finally, on the night before your exam, do not touch your notes or text book at all.  Do not study at all the night before.  Instead, get a good dinner and get to sleep 2357a300f4f67b166be6f3da9d682ec8early.  Then wake up and eat a nice breakfast before your exam.  This day off allows you to relax and hopefully calm your nerves before the exam because it is much easier to handle a difficult exam when you’re not stressing about it.

A nice touch as well, frosting on the cake if I may say, is coffee while studying.  Incase you forgot about My Starbucks Addiction, I prefer Starbucks.

For more advice read this: How to Prepare for Finals in College

My Movie Choice of the Week:

The Legend of Tarzan

My Christmas Countdown

With Thanksgiving now over and Christmas soon approaching it is time to think about Christmas movies.  In my last post, How To Survive Christmas Movies With Your Family, I discussed getting through them, but today I will talk about which ones are the best (in my personal opinion).

With that, let us begin:

#10 A Christmas Story


#9 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


#8 Die Hard


#7 The Harry Potter Series


#6 Elf


#5 Home Alone


#4 The Santa Clause


#3 It’s a Wonderful Life


#2 Polar Express



#1 Santa Claus is Coming to Town


My Movie Choice of the Week is every single movie listed above.

How To Survive Christmas Movies With Your Family

I know I love the Christmas season.  Do you?

More importantly do you enjoy watching christmas movies with your family?

If not, why?  What don’t you enjoy?

If it is the spending lengths of time with your family then there are a multitude of things you can do.  You can stay quiet and try to ignore your family as much as possible, like I expressed in Home, Sweet Home (Part I).  You can try to get out of watching the movies (if your family is like mine I wish you the best of luck).  You can “conveniently” be tired and go to sleep.  I’m sure mChristmas Fireplaceany of you can think of other ideas, if so please comment them below!

If you just don’t enjoy the movies I have a different idea for you.  Try finding one or two that you can find some pleasure in.  If you only have one make sure that one is later on the list so you have something to look forward to.  I know it can be difficult waiting that long to watch the one movie you like but it’ll make the others seem less annoying because of your excitement for the movie of your choosing.  If there are a couple of movies you enjoy, try to get them spaced out putting your absolute favorite of the movies available as close to the end as possible.  I always like to keep Santa Claus is Coming to Town or The Polar Express as the last movie on the list.

“Well today I found out what Batman can’t do. He can’t endure this. Today you get to say “I told you so.””  This is a quote from The Dark Knight.  One time, while I was watching christmas movies, I couldn’t bear it anymore.  I got up and I walked out of the room.  Then I walked back in, back to my seat, Sat down and watched another Christmas movie.  This quote was said by Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman), but after he said this quote he ended up putting the suit on and going back out there.  He endured a little bit more, and then he won the battle in the end.  It wasn’t pretty or clean, but he won. Sometimes, despite your circumstance seeming difficult or unbearable, the best thing you can do is go back out there and continue.  Sometimes you need to know that enduring a little bit more is the best thing you can do.

My Movie Choice of the Week:

The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark / The Temple of Doom / The Last Crusade / Bonus Material)

Let It Snow

Have you ever been part of a Secret Santa.  Chances are, most of you have.  If you are in college you also probably understand the struggle of being short on money.  If you are not yet in college, you will probably learn that struggle soon, if you haven’t already.  This post is a guide to completing Secret Santa’s with a budget.

screen-shot-2012-09-18-at-10-01-50-amStep 1:  Get a group of friends who wants to partake in Secret Santa. Make sure to draw names before Thanksgiving!

(Step 1 may seem simple and implied, but it really is the most important step because without it the entire purpose of this is irrelevant.)

Step 2:  Discuss with them a price cap.  My friends and I usually decide on no more than $20.00 or $25.00, but we agree that you do not have to spend that much either.

Step 3:  Search on Amazon and eBay well in advance to find a gift.  Wait to buy it though.

Step 4:  Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday Amazon will typically offer sales.

Step 5:  See if the price is lower.  If it is, you have saved extra money. If it is not than at least you have the price cap to make sure you’re not spending too much. 00c78b5e-7e1d-4b0e-bb64-c1fe243efd21

Although Fight Club takes a sadistic spin on the concept of a lack of money they start off by making a fair point: “You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.”  You are not defined by how much money you have.  So, don’t feel bad if you can’t spend much on the Secret Santa gift.  Put some thought into it and buy what you can.  I am sure your friends will appreciate whatever it is they get.

My Movie Choice of the Week:

Casino Royal