Finals are one of the worst times for college students.  They come up at the end of every semester and they are always stressful.  Really stressful! This is how get through finals.

finals1Now most people say, “oh, just study a little bit from the beginning and you’ll be fine.”  This is a great idea, if you can actually bring yourself to prepare for finals starting in the first week of the semester.  Honestly though, who actually does that.

Despite the the Joker’s belief in The Dark Knight: “Can’t rely on anyone these days, you have to do everything yourself, don’t we,” I recommend groups.  Form a group of friends in the class that you would like to study with.  Next, either with or without your study group study every day for the week leading up to the exam.  Split all the material into sections so you are not studying everything every day, just parts of the whole that form a larger picture.  Finally, on the night before your exam, do not touch your notes or text book at all.  Do not study at all the night before.  Instead, get a good dinner and get to sleep 2357a300f4f67b166be6f3da9d682ec8early.  Then wake up and eat a nice breakfast before your exam.  This day off allows you to relax and hopefully calm your nerves before the exam because it is much easier to handle a difficult exam when you’re not stressing about it.

A nice touch as well, frosting on the cake if I may say, is coffee while studying.  Incase you forgot about My Starbucks Addiction, I prefer Starbucks.

For more advice read this: How to Prepare for Finals in College

My Movie Choice of the Week:

The Legend of Tarzan


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