Quick update for all of you followers.  Thanksgiving dinner went better than the dinner the night before.  So now I’ll tell you how it went down:

(If you don’t know what happened the night before read Home, Sweet Home (Part I))

thanksgiving-snoopyMy relatives started arriving to my house around 2:00 in the afternoon.  After for relaxing for a little while dinner was being served around 6:00.  Although irrelevant, I find this kind of funny: I was in the basement with my cousin and our family almost started dinner with out us.  They would have if no one asked where my cousin and I were because most people didn’t realize we weren’t there.

Now back to the story:

I expected the jokes from the night prior to continue… they did NOT!  I tried my best to not give them the reaction they wanted, and I hope that is why they stopped.  At the same time, I can’t be certain because it was Thanksgiving.  So either my family stopped because I didn’t give them a good enough reaction, or they stopped because it was Thanksgiving. None the less, I was glad it was over. o-thanksgiving-dinner-argument-generator-facebook

The next day, I woke up hours after everyone else.  This is not normal because in years past I was usually one of the first ones to wake up.  Well we all ate breakfast (bagels of sorts). I ate my usual plain bagel with cream cheese and one slice of smoked salmon.  We watched some TV as we prepared our annual post Thanksgiving Trip to the movies.  We always agree to see the same movie and only on one occasion did we switch it to a post Christmas because we did not like the movies coming out around Thanksgiving.

Essentially, although my break had started out as a rollercoaster of good and bad,  my Thanksgiving Break ended up being quite good.  As stated in The Dark Knight “The night is darkest just before the dawn.”  Keep that in mind next time things seem like they’re a little rough.

My Movie choice of the Week:

Guardians of the Galaxy



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