If you remember my last post, Doc I’m (Home) Sick, I discussed how I got homesick while approaching Thanksgiving because I wasn’t allowed home prior.  It was the longest I had been away from my hometown and the family and friends I had there.  This… this is the story of what happened when I got home.

It started out great, I walked in the front door and my dog greeted me with lots of barking, excitement, kisses, and nuzzling up against me.  My parents were happy to see me.  The next day, Wednesday, I met up with my best friend from home in the morning.  We played games, caught up, told stories of our adventures, then went to get lunch.  I had a great time.  Up next: seeing my girlfriend for the first time in months.

It was approximately 4:30 when I got to her. She opened the front door to her house to let me in,  I  gave her a big hug, picked her up, then we walked inside.  Her mom came over to say hi to me after.  She had a pet bird, which never liked me prior.  The bird liked me that 164921-169671day though, sat on my shoulder and didn’t want to leave.  After about 10 minutes of talking to her family, my girlfriend and I departed for dinner… with my family.

Now my family, like most tease each other.  My family doesn’t understand when to quit though…

As you could guess, they made fun of me for almost the entire time we were out.  It was not fun for me, and, quite frankly, it was unnecessary.  A comment here or there sure, thats fine that is normal, but to continuously insult me while out at a restaurant, not very appropriate.  Especially when I tease back and my dad tells me to stop because I am “being impolite” and then tells me to “not embarrass him in public.” We get back, and my girlfriend and I watched a movie and talked, it was really nice.  I enjoyed it a lot.

25brothers-superjumboNow here I am, Thursday morning, writing to you all.  My family is almost at my house to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Yet, here I am, still wondering how much my family will insult and make fun of me today.  Now, here is what I’ll recommend to you when your family is insulting you.  Ignore them because if they don’t get a reaction out of you, what is the point in doing it.  As paraphrased from The Dark Knight, “Endure… Take it. They’ll hate you for it, but that’s the point.”  It is your family, they won’t actually hate you, but they’ll stop… maybe not immediately, but they will stop.

If you don’t think this will work try the ideas expressed in How to Deal With a Rude Family Member or Handling Criticism From Your Family

Finally, My Movie Choice of the Week… Holiday Edition:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


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