I went off to college after graduating high school, as many teenagers do.  I was approximately 5 hours away from my home, my family, and my girlfriend.  I thought, “I’ll be fine.  I won’t get homesick.  I thought that it’d all be okay.

college-2Now, so you understand something: my parents had a rule for my siblings and I alike.  Our freshman year at college we were not allowed to come home before Thanksgiving Break.  Now, regardless of this rule, I thought that I was immune to the disease known as homesickness.

I was NOT immune to it.homesick-illus_opt

I was fine for quite awhile but a few weeks before Thanksgiving I wanted nothing more than to go home and see all my old friends, my family, and my girlfriend.

Although it was tough, I managed to get through the last few weeks by video chatting my parents a few times, my girlfriend a lot, and making plans with my friends for the upcoming break.  Lastly, I kept myself busy on campus.  The more I had to focus on at school the less time I had to think about home.

It truly was a simple solution.  I made it through to Thanksgiving and from there, everything became much easier.

It is expressed in Brooklyn, “You’ll feel so homesick that you’ll want to die, and there’s nothing you can do about it apart from endure it. But you will, and it won’t kill you… and one day the sun will come out and you’ll realize that this is where your life is.” This quote is significant because it proves that even though you’re missing the past right now, things will get easier.

If this is unhelpful try using methods expressed in these articles:

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