Are you having trouble balancing your time???

Do you have a lot of school work, a girlfriend who wants all of your undivided attention, friends who you can’t hang out with as much, and not enough time for all these activities??

So do many people out there, and that is A-okay! Want to know why? Because I am going to help you help yourself!

This is going to sound cheesy, or exactly like what your parents said, and your friends, and most other posts on the internet relating to this topic. MAKE A SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!

abouttheprogram-beingsocial-makingfriends-imgbIf your girl is also friends with your friends, hang out with everyone all at once, then at the end or close to the end of the night you and your lady friend can separate yourselves.  If this is not working than discuss with your girlfriend, I am sure she will be willing to work something out.  Maybe one night you spend together and the next you spend with all your friends, or just a few.  Essentially making sure you and your girl don’t smother each other.  Think of the love you share with her like a fire.  When you suffocate a fire it burns out, and I doubt you want the flame between you and your girl to burn out.

Keep in mind your friends schedule when planning yours.  If you know they will not be able to hang out one night, it may be a smart idea to make that night your night with the girlfriends.

Honestly I can’t stress enough that you do NOT need to spend every waking moment, every night with your girlfriend!  You do not need to make out every time you see each other.  Communicating daily is probably a good idea, at the very least to make sure they are okay and them you.


Did you know that many people in relationships go days without kissing and cuddling (or for you modernists: Netflix and chill).  Sometimes people dating one another go several weeks without even seeing each other!!! Isn’t that crazy?? At least they know they aren’t dating the other for the sexual activity… Sometimes the sexual activities will actually convince an individual that they care for the person when they don’t even want to be involved romantically anymore.  That is why many people believe that relationships that contain time spent together and respectful distance are healthier than those that involve spending every day together.

It may be easy to find someone that you find attractive and have them reciprocate that feeling toward you.  It may be easy kissing them and being together, but how will you handle being apart? “Space is the final frontier.” ~Star Trek. Being apart is often the hardest part of a relationship but it is necessary.

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One thought on “How to Balance Friends and Your Girlfriend

  1. I have a really great friend group, but I feel like we’ve been drifting apart recently. I’m afraid I’m going to lose my friends. How do I maintain these friendships and bring the group back together?


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