Let me guess, your roommate is annoying you.  Are they always in the room? Do they always invite their boyfriend/girlfriend over when you are trying to study?  I got a plan for you.

48518widemodern_roommates1_101613First: If you truly are efficient at studying and doing work in your room than I respect you because I am not.  I need a quiet area outside of where I have any pleasure activities.  That being said I keep a television in my room. I personally like study rooms or libraries.  You may be interested in trying these out.

Second: If you are dead set on doing all this work in your room than you may be stubborn but that will help you in the proceeding conversation.

Approach your roommate, preferably when he is by himself or herself.

(For the sake of my roommate being a guy I will refer to the roommate as a He from no on)

Say to him nicely and respectfully that you enjoy doing your work from the comfort and security of your own bedroom.  Explain how them always being distracting in the room while you are working makes things difficult for you.

If you are in the same boat as me, your roommate kicks you out of the room way to often because he is inviting his roommate back to the dorm that is also yours.  If that is the case explain to your roommate that you are okay with them inviting their girlfriend back to the room, but you would prefer if they didn’t kick you out when you are trying to do your homework.  2e5034b187feadc3cc206b4dec296fff

If your roommate refuses then stay in the room and don’t leave for him and his girl, distract him when he is doing homework, do everything he does to you back to him.  Then when he asks you to chill out, remind him that you once asked him the same thing.  Explain that you are willing to relax if he does as well.

“I’m going to take a pillowcase and fill it full of bars of soap and beat the shit out of you!” ~Step Brothers. Although you  may want to resort to violence, I assure you if you handle this with respect and wisdom it will work much better.

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