The transition to college does not have to be a difficult one, but it starts with choosing a school you truly enjoy so you will be happy at the school.  After this there are a few things that are important to mention.  college-2

  1. Start good habits of organizing your life in high school
  2. Try not to be to dependent on your parents high school because your parents won’t be there in college
  3. Meet as many people as you can during orientation
  4. Do not be concerned if you do not have close friends by the end of orientation, you will make friends and grow closer over time.
  5. Understand that your first few friends may not be the same friends you have all of college
  6. Start early/stay ahead of your work
  7. Most important: Make friends with your roommate or at least develop a mutual respect so you two don’t hate each otherstudent-life-transition-high-school-college

“Times change, we need to change as well.”

~Francois Pienaar/Matt Damon from Invictus

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My Movie Choice of the Week:

A classic starring John Belushi: Animal House


2 thoughts on “Boy to Man: High School to College

  1. I’m a freshman in college and this post was super useful in helping me adjust to life on campus. But I’m having some problems with my roommate. She spends all of her time in the room, which makes it hard for me to focus on my work. I want to talk to her about it, but I’m afraid she might get upset or offended. Any advice on how to start this uncomfortable conversation?

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