You may remember reading about how to converse in my last blog post, but what do you do after you converse?  You might want to ask them on a date.  So are you trying to plan your first date?  Do you have no clue what to on this crucial day? Here is your guide to choosing a first date!

Step one you have to decide what kind of first date this is.  Are you going on a date with a someone you have known or are you attempting to get to know this person through the date?

Let us start by assuming you know the girl prior:

If this is the case you want a date that will involve lots of talking. Why? Moving from friends to lovers can be tricky, thus the talking a lot on date one allows you to better grasp a concept of how things will be if you start dating.  If you know her well enough to know datewhere she would like to go then do that.  That being said, not everyone will know that much information so it is crucial you plan out a nice date if you are hoping to have a second.  You don’t want to make yourself seem either boring or uninterested in what she enjoys.  So, if you don’t know where to go, ask her friend when she is not around.  If you do this, you will 1: have a nice date planned and 2: it will show that you are caring enough find out what she likes. Typically I will do a lunch/dinner date or mini golf (if there is a nice mini golf course near you).  If you still need help try any of the dates mentioned in First Date? Where to go!

Now let assume you don’t know them that well:

If this is the case you want a scenario where you can talk to learn about them, but not solely talking because you don’t want to increase your o-first-date-man-facebookrisk of having several awkward silences.  My personal recommendation is the movies.  The date won’t be too expensive but it is still nice.  Ask them what movie they’d like to see to show them your compassion that you want them to be happy and see the movie of their choice not yours.  On top of this, you won’t be talking much because you will be watching the movie.  This leaves time to talk before and after the movie.  Significantly less time available for there to be awkward silences.  Also the movie gives you two topics of conversation (at the minimum).  One before the movie to discuss your excitement for the movie, and the other is after the movie discussing how much you enjoyed the movie.  If you do this successfully there should be plenty of conversation, you’ll learn about the other person, enjoy a great movie, and she will be looking for a second date.  Want to know why she will be looking for a second date? Well I will tell you.  You avoided the awkward silences and had plenty of conversations.  Doesn’t seem too impressive, but it will make you appear very interesting and fun to talk to!

P.s. Now you know more about the girl (due to the first date) so the planning of the second date and the time spent during the second date will be much easier.

Above all else, remember people and their reactions ca
n’t be predicted with a hundred percent certainty.  Dates may not always go great and that is okay because that simply means that there is someone else out there for you to find and take on a date.  Do NOT give up because of one bad date because there are plenty of fish, like you, in the sea.  And what do fish do? They “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming,” just like Dory in Finding Nemo.

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