For those who don’t know, FWB stands for Friends with Benefits.  FWB is a term used for two friends who are involved sexually but not emotionally. 3ede1761b6132c3b0516f09b96a675b9 If you read my earlier blog posts, you may remember me talking about a young man casually hooking up with a friend after going through a breakup, well this is another way he could’ve handled that situation.  This is how he probably should’ve handled the situation, in my opinion.

If you couldn’t figure it out by now, those two young people became friends with benefits for a short period of time.  That young man waited until she had developed feelings before confronting her about his feelings about the situation.  Because she had developed feelings the concept of FWB was no longer their reality, however if the young man had done this simple thing he could have POTENTIALLY avoided the situation.

befe30ebdb0fac2f7783066e51d4ce86When he first realized that him and his friend would be involved sexually he should have confronted her.  He should’ve stated off the facts of the situation:

“I just got out of a relationship.  I am not ready to get involved with anyone emotionally right now.  I will understand if you would like to stop hooking up.  I understand if you only want this if it leads to an emotional connection further than friends, but right now I can’t give that or guarantee I will be able to in the future.  That is how I feel. So, how would you like to proceed?”

All he needed to do was express his feelings and listen to her response.  From there he could either do as she wished or talk to her and find a middle ground.

It is said in Batman Begins “It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.” The young man wished not to hurt his friend but decided to not act early enough to prevent the pain.

Here are two articles about friends with benefits and how to handle them:

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And as always, it is time for My Movie Choice of the Week!

This week you’re getting a double dose

Friends with Benefits

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