1. Figure out how to either fix your mistake or learn from it
  2. Start the process discovered in step 1
  3. Sweat out some stress because you are nervous about how your parents will react
  4. Swallow some of your pride, understanding that you will come out a better person
  5. Call whichever parent you find to be more understanding or the parent you have a better relationship with
  6. Tell them everything.  Make sure you emphasize that you are tackling the situation to make things better and explain that you have learned from it
  7. Ask said parent how the other will react so you can be better prepared for the second conversation
  8. Ask that parent 1 does not tell parent 2 yet so that you can tell them first
  9. Sweat a little more
  10. Call parent 2 and repeat step 6
  11. Deal with the consequences, if there are any consequences, from your parents

Sit down, circle around… it is story time my followers.

I was a freshman in college, and I had never once gotten drunk.  My parents were not fans of alcohol and raised me in such a way that I felt no need to drink while I was in high school, but then I was in college.  I had no parents telling me not to, I didn’t have to deal with seeing their disapproving faces or hear them tell me that they are disappointed in my actions.  Right? Well maybe not so right.  I got drunk for my first time.  My friends were very nice; they helped me up to my dorm, but instead of me going to my dorm I decided to go to the trash room and throw up.  Since it was my first time getting drunk I did NOT know my limits and drank a bit too much, if that wasn’t evident from me saying I got sick.

This story doesn’t sound too awful right? Kid drinks to much, gets sick, sleeps it off, everything is okay. Well the story doesn’t work quite like that.

The Residence Assistant (RA) walked in while I was throwing up with my face starring down the barrel of the trash can.  I was punished for drinking.  This punishment involved a fine and probation.  Oh did I forget that the school was planning to contact my parents as well. So I was in college, and I felt invincible and free from my parents saying “I am disappointed in you.”  Except I wasn’t…

I followed these 12 steps and listened to my parents tell me “Obviously I am disappointed in you, but I am glad you’re okay. I also appreciate you reaching out and telling us first.  I hope you learned something from the experience.”  They were so surprised by what I had done and how I was handling the situation that they were not mad, in fact they were proud of me.  Thats kind of contradictory, proud of me but said they were disappointed.  They were disappointed that I had gotten drunk, but they were proud of how I had made a plan and started tackling the situation.   They were proud of the professional manor in which I handled the situation.AA032300

You would be shocked at how willing people, especially your parents, will be to look past a mistake and help you grow from it.  In the wise words of Charles Xavier, from X-men: Days of Future Past, “Just because someone stumbles and loses their path doesn’t mean that they can’t be saved.”

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And finally, my movie choice of the week: Les Misérables


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